Bukit Kembara mirror lake hut. Photo by Yee Lin.

9 Easy Hiking Trails in Selangor for Beginners to Explore

Start Your Hiking Journey Right And Reach The Peak Of These Easy Hiking Trails In Selangor

Can you think of any other activity that gets you clean fresh air, costs little to nothing that are hiking (pun intended) in popularity lately? With Malaysia being home to numerous green hidden gems, it’s no wonder why hiking is well-loved by Malaysians and tourists alike.

Most consider hiking as a low-impact and accessible outdoor activity that’s suitable for a wide range of age groups and fitness levels. Even so, hiking does have its levels in difficulty that depend on the trail and location.

Because of that, it’s important to start right with the basics and most importantly, know where to start. The trail you hike can leave you feeling on top of the world, or breathless for all the wrong reasons.

But First, Here Are Some Essentials To Keep In Mind Before You Start Hiking

Walking and climbing is part and parcel of hiking. But remember that hiking isn’t always “a walk in the park”. Here’s what you need to prepare to ensure an enjoyable hike:

  • A bottle of water and a snack or two. Think an onigiri from your favourite convenience store, granola bars, and even fruits like apples and bananas. I personally like packing a double-wall vacuum insulated water bottle like the Montigo Ace Bottle to have a refreshingly cold sip of water anytime.

  • Wear long sleeved clothing and pants to prevent sunburn and protect your skin against possible cuts from branches and tall grass.

  • Apply mosquito repellent before you begin the hike.

  • Pack a small packet of salt just in case you encounter leeches. Alternatively you could spray on eucalyptus oil on the lower half of your body - it acts as a leech repellent.

  • Carry a mini torchlight or hiking headlamp if you’re hiking very early.

  • Pack a sturdy, foldable hiking stick for trails with steep pathways.

  • Wear trail shoes or hiking shoes that have great grip, especially if you know the trail may be muddy.

  • Apply sunblock before the hike.

  • Most importantly, go with an open mind!

Now that we’ve got your hiking checklist done, here are beautiful yet easy hiking trails in Selangor that we’ve explored and compiled to help you begin your hiking journey on the right track!

9 Easy Hiking Trails In Selangor For Beginners To Step Into A World Of Scenic Wonders

FRIM forest trail. Photo by Ir Amran.

1. Keruing Trail @ Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

FRIM is not a public park per se, but it is a botanical garden and man-made forest that is popular for its circular hiking trail that consists of multiple trails which spans up to a combined 9.3km and takes up to 4 hours to complete at a leisurely pace.

Out of all hiking trails, the one we’re looking at here is the easier Keruing Trail which goes up to 1.9km with an elevation gain of 112m, and takes about an hour to complete. It’s named after the Keruing Tree, a common tree species in Malaysia.

I’d recommend going during dry season days as the walking trail can feature a mix of muddy and slippery spots during rainy periods. Mosquitoes tend to be rampant then, so mosquito repellant is definitely essential along with long sleeved clothing as some areas may not be amply shaded.

There is an entrance fee of RM1 for MyKad holders and an entrance fee of RM5 for non-MyKad holders. There is also an option for a guided tour to make it an educational experience, but this comes with an additional fee.

Parking costs RM5 per entry and is available on-site just before the entrance to the trail, so you don’t have to worry too much about that.

Hiking Time: Approximately 1 hour

Elevation Gain: 112m

Opening Hours: 8:30am - 12:30pm and 2pm - 4pm on Saturdays to Thursdays. Close on Fridays

Address: Forest Research Institute Malaysia, 52109, Kepong, Selangor

Bukit Gasing Steps Trail. Photo by Adriana Batrisya.

2. Bukit Gasing Forest Reserve @ Petaling Jaya (Gasing Hill)

One of the most popular hiking spots for beginner hikers and those seeking to train their endurance for more challenging hikes. Bukit Gasing is a green lung situated between Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya that spans over 100 hectares.

Fun fact: Did you know the Bukit Gasing Forest Reserve was once an abandoned rubber plantation?

There are a few starting points, with the main one beginning at the Gasing Hill Trail Entrance, where the car park and public washrooms are also located. You’ll find that the multiple routes lead back to the same area as they run in a loop.

Two most notable pathways are the easier 20 minutes trail that leads directly to the forest’s famed suspension bridge, while the other trails are a longer detour that takes up to 2 hours to complete. The terrain is a mixture of flat to steep stairs which includes Bukit Gasing’s famed “Stairway to Heaven”, a series of steps that one has to climb just before they reach the summit.

All in all, if you do go for the longer trails or if you’re feeling adventurous to complete all the Bukit Gasing trails, it will take you approximately 4 hours to cover the forest.

There are limited parking lots available at the entrance, so do come early (around 7am would be just right) to make sure you get a parking spot. Avoid parking at the yellow part - visitors have been known to get parking summons when they do so.

It’s an incredibly easy hike if you stick to the main trail and keep an eye out for signs which will point you in the right direction. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to reach out to other hikers who are present at Bukit Gasing to ask for directions or even join their group if you feel a little lost. Hikers are typically a friendly bunch!

Hiking Time: 40 minutes to 4 hours, depending on how much you’d like to cover for the day

Elevation Gain: 160m

Opening Hours: 24 hours, daily

Address: Bukit Gasing, 46000, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Chiling Waterfalls. Photo by Adib Abdul Rahim.

3. Chiling Waterfall @ Kuala Kubu Bharu

Selangor’s most beautiful waterfall, the Chiling Waterfall, is located just an hour’s drive away from Kuala Lumpur.

This is an easy, relatively flat trail with an interesting twist as it involves getting drenched before reaching the falls. Hikers will have to cross the river a few times before reaching the hiking trail to the waterfall. Which also means waterproof shoes and quick-drying clothes are essential here as the river has been known to rise up to waist level during wet seasons.

I’d say it’s definitely a trail for the more adventurous ones among us who don’t mind getting a quick soak before the actual waterfall fun!

The trailhead lies somewhere between the road from Kuala Kubu Bharu to Fraser’s Hill, where you’ll have to first pass the Selangor Dam and Reservoir, then cross a small bridge over the Chiling River to reach the trail’s car park and entrance.

Beginner hikers who are also nature enthusiasts will enjoy this trail as you’ll see Malaysia’s famed Raja Brooke Birdwing butterfly, local pitcher plants, and a large population of fish in clear waters. It’s one of the trails that are rich with gentle wildlife and nature’s beauty.

Hiking Time: Up to 4 hours to complete, depending on river’s depth and how long you intend to spend at the waterfall

Elevation Gain: 146m

Opening Hours: 8am - 6pm, Saturdays and Sundays only. Close during public holidays

Address: Chiling Waterfalls, 44000, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor

Kanching Forest Waterfall. Photo by shikin L.

4. Kanching Forest Waterfall @ Templer Park

If you’re not too fond of getting drenched but you still want to experience a hike that has a waterfall, then Kanching Forest Waterfall is a great alternative to the other hiking trails.

The Kanching Forest Waterfall trail is located within Taman Eko Rimba Kanching, a forest reserve in the heart of Rawang. This waterfall is famed for its number of tiers and swimming pond which is often highly populated during weekends by families and hiking groups all looking for a cooling soak and picnic.

It boasts up to 7 tiers of waterfall trails and trails, with the difficulty of the trail rising with each tier. I’d recommend that beginners stick to the trail leading to the waterfall over hiking up the higher levels as the terrain begins with simple paved walkways that gradually change into steep climbs and rocky terrain with no pavements or steps as you reach the peak.

Because it’s a popular public area manned by the local authorities, you don’t need a hiking permit. But you do have to pay a small entrance fee of RM3 for adults and RM1 for children. There’s also the RM5 parking fee at the trailhead which begins at Templer Park.

You’ll find food and drink stalls at the entrance as well during weekends, so I wouldn’t worry too much about packing enough food and drinks if you’re looking to travel light and have a bit of splashing fun at the waterfall’s swimming pond.

Lastly, bear in mind that there are monkeys and occasional wild cats here especially if you’re carrying food with you. Do not feed them nor make eye contact with them as the general rule of thumb.

Hiking Time: Up to 2 hours

Elevation Gain: 216m

Opening Hours: 6am - 8pm, daily

Address: Taman Eko Rimba Kanching, Templer’s Park Jungle Waterfall, 1, 48200, Rawang, Selangor

Broga Hill peak view. Photo by Kelvin Tew.

5. Broga Hill @ Semenyih (Bukit Broga)

You’d have definitely heard of Broga Hill at least once during college or at your workplace. Broga Hill is a popular hiking spot just outside Broga Town that offers a breathtaking view of the sunrise along with a panoramic view of Broga Town, oil palm plantations, rubber plantations, rainforest, distant hills, and villages on a clear day.

Broga Hill is home to a total of 3 peaks, but the one for beginners to explore is the first peak. It is, after all, the most scenic one out of all 3 peaks and the one with the easiest difficulty, while the other two are said to be incredibly challenging.

Most hikers begin their journey from Kuala Lumpur or Selangor to Broga Hill at 4am to reach the peak in time for the sunrise. But if that’s not what you’re after then there’s no need to begin that early, especially if you want a good sweat.

You’ll experience a mixture of steep pathways and flat, grassy paths that gradually ascend, making it a relatively easy one for beginners and those who aren’t as fit.

The trailhead begins at the signboard which reads “Selamat Datang ke Bukit Broga” which is located at the end of the on-site car park. Another note for those seeking the easy trail - park at the private property on-site. It costs RM5 per pax but gets you access to the private road uphill, which is a far easier and wider road.

Hiking Time: Up to 2 hours

Elevation Gain: 375m

Opening Hours: 4am - 5pm, daily

Address: Jalan Broga, 43500, Semenyih, Selangor

KDCF Denai Tiga Puteri Peak view. Photo by Sheena Jacinta.

6. Denai Tiga Puteri Peak Trail @ Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve

Deep within Kota Damansara lies the Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve managed by the Kota Damansara Community Forest society volunteers and Temuan Orang Asli Community, which is also the starting point of the Denai Tiga Puteri Peak trail.

It’s one of the top trails frequented by families to bring their kids because of its generally easy nature. When you reach the peak, you’ll be greeted by a stunning panoramic view that overlooks the NKVE highway and Kota Damansara suburbs.

The forest trail is dense with foliage and various mushroom species, making it an incredibly cooling and shaded trail to leisurely explore what nature has to offer.

You’ll find that it’s a great place for beginner hikers to get into hiking as the trail is mostly flat with very slight slopes along the way. The trail is wide enough so you don’t need to intricately maneuver it on weekends where it may get a little crowded with other families, trail runners, hikers, and even mountain bikers.

KDCF Temuan trail signboard. Photo by Erin Ong.

The trail you want begins at the Temuan Trail to Sahabat Trail, followed by the Unity Trail which will then lead you to the Denai Tiga Puteri Peak.

Monkeys are abundant in this area so steer clear of them and as usual, do not feed them or make eye contact with them.

It’s recommended to park your car at the nearby shops where 7-11 is located, then take a leisure 10 - 15 minutes stroll to KDCF’s entrance and begin your hike.

I’d also recommend packing a snack or two and up to 1L of water if this is one of your first few hiking attempts. It’ll help a lot in keeping your energy levels up and staying refreshed throughout the hike.

Hiking Time: Approximately 4 hours

Elevation Gain: 223m

Opening Hours: 7am - 3pm, daily

Address: Jalan Merbah, 10/1, Seksyen 10, Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Bukit Kembara mirror lake hut. Photo by Yee Lin.

7. Bukit Kembara Lake Trail @ Ulu Kelang

New to hiking but you're up for a challenge? Then Bukit Kembara’s Lake Trail is a fantastic one for you to explore. It’s a relatively easy trail that is known for its ladder-like hill, rope-assisted sections, and mini waterfall. The trail leads to the Ampang Lama Reservoir where you’ll get to enjoy a stunning view of the mirror lake.

The main trailhead begins right beside a large, bright red shrine, where you’ll encounter a fork path as you walk further in from the entrance. Take the left path here to start a steep, stair-like path which lasts only a short distance, as it’s the trail with little to no leeches.

The path flattens along the way, but you’ll want to continue on the wider path to ensure that you’re on the easy main trail.

You’ll spot monkeys along the way on both trails, while the right pathway (challenging trail) leads to possible reptile encounters like snakes and monitor lizards, various birds, and insects.

I’d recommend going during dry seasons to avoid leeches and slippery pathways, and going with a group that has an experienced hiker within as the occasional steep slopes can be daunting for beginners.

Pack some snacks like energy bars and 1 banana or two to keep your energy levels up. Not forgetting enough water - you may want to pack more than usual as it’s quite a challenging one out of all the trails listed here.

Hiking Time: Up to 2 hours

Elevation Gain: 267m

Opening Hours: 24 hours, daily. Aim to leave before 4pm as it gets dark by then.

Address: Bukit Kembara (Trail Head), Ulu Kelang, 68000, Ampang Jaya, Selangor

Serdang Hill Peak. Photo by Jean C.

8. Bukit Serdang Trail @ Seri Kembangan

Bukit Serdang’s Trail is a lesser known one in the Klang Valley, but still a good one for families and beginner hikers to enjoy a relaxing hike in nature thanks to its relatively flat terrain. Nearby elderly residents often visit this area to train their lower back and legs on weekends.

While some parts feature steep pathways, those are far and few in between. Beginners are advised to stick to the wider well trodden trail which is the main one, and easier route.

When you reach the peak, you’ll be treated to an incredible view of modern advancement - an almost aerial view of MEX highway, the nearby residential area, and the surrounding green hills.

I’d recommend going during dry seasons as there is a high voltage tower on-site, and not to mention it easily gets slippery if it was a rainy day the night before as the ground contains a mixture of natural clay.

There are a number of adopted wild dogs that prowl the area, but they are friendly to visitors. You’ll even find that some regular hikers stop to pet and spend time with them!

Make this a leisure hike by packing your favourite drink and snacks, so you can enjoy a mini picnic at one of the few checkpoints along the way, along with views of the little farm, mini streams, ponds, and temples.

The only downside to this trail is that there is no shade at the peak unlike other hiking trails, which gets really hot if you don’t complete the hike before 10am.

Hiking Time: Approximately 1 hour 40 minutes

Elevation Gain: 187m

Opening Hours: 7am - 6pm, daily

Address: MEX, Rizab Melayu Sungai Kuyoh, 43300, Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Wawasan Hill trail. Photo by Louisa Mark.

9. Wawasan Hill @ Puchong

Wawasan Hill trail is one of most well marked hiking trails, making it a favourite of waterfall chasers, outdoor enthusiasts, and nature lovers. While it’s known more for the Wawasan Waterfalls, the exact trail leading there is highly challenging. Which is why we’ll be focusing on the easier Wawasan Hill loop here.

This is one of those rare trails in the Klang Valley where you’ll find little animals like tortoises and various rare bird species. Not forgetting monkeys.

Gentle small streams follow the trail, making it a lovely hike with the peaceful sound of flowing water beside you. It’s nicely shaded thanks to the lush greenery and tall trees that populate the trail, and you’ll get to enjoy an easy, flat walking pathway if you stick to the easy Route A.

Hiking Time: Approximately 1 hour 40 minutes

Elevation Gain: 187m

Opening Hours: 7am - 6pm, daily

Address: MEX, Rizab Melayu Sungai Kuyoh, 43300, Seri Kembangan, Selangor